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My opinion is more liked than yours. Take that.

My opinion is more liked than yours. Take that.

Just felt that it is my duty to point out that “noone” is not a word. “No one” is what you mean. Or “noon.” I’m not really sure.

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I honestly hate watching so many of my friends fall into “the wrong crowd”

Especially when I have to see it all on facebook, because they’re too cool to talk to me about anything, anymore. Oh, but it’s okay when they don’t send replies to my letters (snail mail is fun, shush) if their friend spilled beer on it while she was reading it. It’s okay because you’re in alcoholic’s anonymous and still surrounding yourself with people who want you to drink and want to take advantage of you. All of which makes me hurt.

Dear mom,

Just because I have epilepsy doesn’t mean I’m going to have a seizure every fucking second that I’m not sleeping. Even though, y’know, I haven’t had a seizure in over 2 years and haven’t been on ANY medication in all that time. Bottom line is, I know my body better than you do and maybe you should stop saying stupid things before you yell at me not to use “that tone” with you. c;

P.S., I do brush my teeth, mint does look good on my skintone, and I’m not as retarded about the world as you seem to think.

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So, I think it’s official that I’m getting my ears closed

There are more reasons than I care to explain, but the main one has to do with previous infections to them. My papa said he could do it using some sort of acid. How pumped am I? xD

staystrongstaythin said: Juuuuust creepin' on this blog because I am SO bored.

Ommmmg the Mardi Gras Mambo. I get so excited when they play that on the radio during Mardi Gras season. xD & then it was here, and it just made my day hahaha.

I love you xDD